Patient Stories

P. McCulloch

Your care and thoughtfulness are often on my mind as you all helped me thru my back recovery. Plus I met a lifetime friend in my roommate. I’ll always remember my time there.

Laurie O.

I have been around for quite a while in this old life, and the one thing that I have learned is there is nothing more valuable than kindness! A little bit can change a whole day, a whole year, a whole life. I am here because of all you wonderful people who have extended it to each and every one of us and to yourselves, and to me who needed all of you during a crisis in my life.

N. Persoff

I stayed at your care center for over three weeks recently and I feel I owe you some kind of recognition. I’ve been to several rehab facilities in recent years and I say without reservation that San Luis Transitional Care is by far the most attractive, most friendly, and the food is always tasty.

However, those are not the reasons why I have such a warm feeling when I think about my stay with you. From the first person that took care of me to the last, each and every one was constantly responsive to my every need.

I never felt that I was imposing; things were always done in good cheer, and a smile. After three weeks I got a good sense of who these nurses attendants physical training instructors and others staffing transitional care are. They are devoted to the well-being of the patients, they are generous, kind, considerate, compassionate and often fun and creative. I commend you on choosing a wonderful group of people that really makes the difference between transitional care and other rehab centers.

So in addition to regaining my health, I’ve made some wonderful friends, first and foremost Denise. Wendy, Elizabeth, Vinesa, Derrick,. Chris, Joe, Rosa, Mary, Thomas, Tim, Ashley, Nancy, Dayra, Marie, and the great Suzzan, and several whose names I don’t recall at the moment. Thank you so much.

M. Nobel

This is to let you and your great crew know that my stay at San Luis Transitional Care was more than satisfactory. You and those who attended me after hip replacement surgery are outstanding professionals. Whether nurse, physical therapist or those who drew blood samples, you have a right to be proud of what you accomplish.

Having spent years as a business consultant, I can report that your high level of competence and skill is rare in this world. Furthermore, the kindness and concern shown to others and me, gives me cause to be thankful.

Please post this communication in some conspicuous place or read it to your staff to remind them that excellence can be achieved and that your hard work and dedication does not pass unnoticed. I will not hesitate to recommend your fine organization to anyone seeking top rate care.

Have a Dream – and GO FOR IT!

M. Giltner

In 2011, a small clot cut off the flow of blood to the toes of my left foot. The doctors did everything possible to correct it but nothing worked . Unfortunately, the only answer was a below the knee amputation of my left foot.

I had a normal life before this hit. I am independent and stubborn but do listen to reason, something that has, no doubt, helped my outlook when faced with this prognosis. I loved to garden and cook, and shop. I love my cats and enjoyed playing with them. My husband and I have had a super marriage for 68 years. Life was good and active and full.

As part of my daily treatment plan, I did therapy in building strength in my arms and shoulders, focused on balance and how to live, dress, etc on one leg. On a typical day, in the morning I would spend time warming up, followed by parallel bars for upper body strengthening, learning to operate a wheelchair, etc. Later on, we tried the walker, something I’m still trying to master –and I WILL, too! In the afternoon, another session was held, both PT and OT. I have made good progress on this schedule, if I do say so myself!

I am proud of my gains I have made in therapy especially my upper body strengthening and balance training. During my stay, recovery was helped by the super “family feeling” of the patients and all of the staff. It’s a great place to heal and recover! Life is good and active and full!

Extremely Comfortable Living

Althea Schmidt

What brought you to San Luis Transitional Care?
I collapsed in my bathroom, they say I had pneumonia but I don’t remember it.

What you focused on during a typical therapy day at SLTC?
I received such excellent care…the therapist did general physical therapy work with me to get me stronger so I could get back home

What accomplishment(s) are you the most proud of that you achieved during your stay?
The exercise I received from the therapist (Scott) it made me feel strong and steady.

What aspect of your stay were you the most pleasantly surprised about?
(Giggling)- The staff are so responsive when I called they ALL came running to help…My friends and family were able to be here to help in my recovery at anytime, since there is unrestricted visiting hours!

If you had to pick a title for your recovery story, it would be:
Extremely comfortable living (it will solve all your aches and pains)

Up, Up and Away!

Kate Reck

Before I came here, I was 100% independent; I lived alone, loved to be outside working in my garden, loved to bake cookies and brownies and would drive to LA to visit friends and family. I led a full, happy and active life!

I had a fall one night, just as I was about to go with my sister for an “All Ladies Night Out” in Paso Robles. (Laughing) All I can say is, damn those kitten heels! The damage was done and as I went to the hospital and talked with my doctor, I knew I had to go somewhere to get better and get my life back. My doctor told me it would be about six months of recovery for me to return to my previous active routine.

While I was here, Tom my physical therapist and Julie my occupational therapist helped me get back on my feet. Every morning I would get ready and go to the therapy room, I didn’t wait for them to come to me. I was determined and focused and successfully I built up my strength and muscles. I am most proud of becoming weight bearing on my left leg; it felt so good to be walking again! I have the upmost gratitude for what the therapy team has done to help me.

From day one everyone had my best interest in mind. I never felt like I was an inconvenience to anyone. I was impressed by the therapy team adapting to my needs, creating a plan to keep me upright and I was most pleasantly surprised by the staffs one on one attention with me, the individualized care they provided and their great attitudes. I can’t say enough thanks to everyone here!

Practice Makes Perfect

Bob Payne

When I was home, I did just about everything! I have a good family life, we did many things together as a family; camping and RV-ing for example. I am a member of the Lion’s Club, I love to garden and babysitting my grandkids.

One day, while at home I had what was almost a heart attack. From home I went to the hospital and had a four-way heart bypass. I had none of this planned, but I am glad I was able to come to San Luis Transitional Care from the hospital.

The staff here has been great! I focused on physical therapy and worked on strengthening my arms and legs. I was motivated to hit the ground running and go home to be with my family.

My stay here has helped prepare me to return home and I am proud to say that I feel like I am going home much stronger than when I came in.

I would rate this place with 5 stars! I was most pleasantly surprised not only by the great care and people, but the dessert cart at night (laughs). I have enjoyed being here and I am thankful that I am now ready to return home.