Designed for patients transitioning from hospital to home, San Luis Transitional Care specializes in providing skilled rehabilitative services and medical oversight in a short-term only, non-institutional setting, promoting a complete healing for body-as well as spirit.

Our goal is to see that patients return to their homes not only feeling stronger but also more confident and with a better understanding of the resources available in our community. Typical patients include people who had hip or knee replacements, or who need rehabilitation following a heart attack, stroke, cardiac surgery, or similar events. San Luis Transitional Care’s rehabilitative program is highly regarded in the medical community. Indeed, doctors regularly place their own family members with us!

Whether you require a week or two of strengthening after an elective surgery, or more intense therapy following any other health trauma, our team strives to make your recovery as timely as possible, so that you can get back home, where you should be!